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iDev Partners with worlds best content and technology partners.

Research Management

iDev partners with world’s best Research firms for to provide award winning, trusted solutions for Research, Science, Intellectual Property and Innovation. We offer information Databases, Management tools, Full scale solutions, and Consultation services.

Discover, author, publish and evaluate. The research ecosystem from start to finish at your fingertips.

Our Solutions for various verticals


Scholarly Search and Discovery

Enhance your discovery efforts with curated research content that's easy to retrieve, analyze and cite

Authoring and Collaboration Tools

Drive your research forward with innovative tools that manage your authoring and collaboration activities

Scholarly Publishing and Presenting

Get your content to the right audiences with comprehensive workflow management systems

Research Management and Evaluation

Connect your research to impact by analyzing customized citation data and global metrics.


Collect. Collaborate. Create. From anywhere.


An objective analysis of people, programs and peers

ScholarOne Manuscripts®

When you gain agility without sacrificing stability

ScholarOne Abstracts®

When your system looks past your business today to prepare you for tomorrow

Web of Science®

A single destination to access the most reliable multidisciplinary research

Web of Science Core Collection®

Comprised of 100 years of valuable research, fully indexed and cross searchable

Core Publishing Solutions®

Scalable, flexible solutions for your titles

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iDev Saudi Arabia is an Knowledge Solutions Company working in the field of Information Solutions, Digital libraries and Innovative Educational technologies.

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