Health Care Solutions

Health Care Solutions

First Databank

FDB MedKnowledge is a comprehensive drug database that provides information on over 100,000 drugs, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and herbal supplements. FDB MedKnowledge also includes information on drug interactions, adverse effects, and patient education materials. FDB MedKnowledge is used by healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and patients to make informed decisions about drug therapy.

BMJ Best Practice

Ranked one of the best clinical decision support tools for health professionals worldwide. BMJ Best Practice takes you quickly and accurately to the latest evidence-based information, whenever and wherever you need it.
BMJ Best Practice step by step guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention is updated daily using robust evidence based methodology and expert opinion.
BMJ Best Practice is the only point of care solution that includes the Comorbidities tool, which is designed to treat the whole patient by taking account of a patient’s acute condition alongside their existing comorbidities.

Elsevier's Order Sets

Elsevier’s Order Sets is a cloud-based solution that enables clinicians, informaticists, and other healthcare professionals to author, review, and manage order sets in a collaborative environment. Order sets are pre-defined sets of orders that can be used to streamline the ordering process and improve patient care. Elsevier’s Order Sets offers a wide range of features.

Elsevier's Care Planning

Elsevier’s care planning solution is a comprehensive, evidence-based tool that helps clinicians create and manage patient care plans. The solution includes a library of over 500 care plans, as well as tools to help clinicians assess patients, develop goals, and track progress. Elsevier’s care planning solution is used by healthcare organizations around the world to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes.


Konnectus is an intuitive solution for communications and scheduling for healthcare facilities. Although sophisticated and packed with features and security, Konnectus appears simple on the outside, looking like your typical messaging application, a familiar layout that will make it a breeze for anyone to use.


Cortellis is a suite of intelligence solutions that helps life sciences professionals make better decisions. Cortellis provides access to comprehensive data on drug development, patents, and deals, as well as analytics tools to help users make sense of the data. Cortellis is used by pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, academic institutions, and government agencies to support research and development, portfolio strategy, business development, and regulatory compliance.


Products that help hospitals and clinics manage every aspect of their operation: from marketing to billing and patient record management. It’s take care of the tedious work so customer can have time to focus on the strategic tasks.
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